How to split an Uber

how to split an Uber ride

We will show you how to split an Uber step by step. There are thousands of rides taken in Uber every day, but many people fail to realize that you can actually split an Uber ride amongst your friends or co-riders.

  1.  Request an Uber ride
  2. During your trip, swipe up from the bottom of the app and tap your selected payment method
  3. Tap Split Fare
  4. Enter the name or phone numbers of the riders you want to split the fare with
  5. Each rider will receive a notification asking them to accept the split. Once each rider accepts, the fare will be equally split amongst the group equally. If someone doesn’t accept or have a valid payment method, then you will be responsible for paying their share
    * Note – Uber charges each rider a 25¢ fee to split a fare


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