How long does Uber take for a background check

How long does Uber take for a background check?

Uber drivers typically will wait for the longest on 1 step of the checklist to become an Uber driver, and that is the background check. So how long does Uber take for background checks? how long does Uber take for a background check

Uber states that most background checks will take around 3-5 business days, but this varies on multiple things which could result in a really quick or very long wait for your Uber background check.

Background checks are done by a third party called checkr. You are not waiting just on checkr to complete the review, as Uber does an additional review which means you can pass one background check, but not the other. Once your results come in from your background check you will be notified via email letting you know if you passed or failed your Uber background check.

Now that we covered the basics on how long does Uber take for a background check, let’s look at what could prevent you from passing your Uber background check.

Things that prevent you from passing Uber background check

  • Major driving violations – DUI, drug-related charges, driving with revoked or suspended license, reckless driving, using a vehicle to commit a felony, and many more.
  • Minor driving violations – More than 3 minor violations over the last 3 years, including no-fault accidents.
  • Convictions or Felonies – Uber will not accept anyone that is a convicted felon. Automatic disqualifiers are violent crimes, sexual offenses, or is on the national sex offender registry list. Pending charges could result in disqualification but could be overturned if charges work in your favor.

What to do if you fail your Uber background check

Failing an Uber background check is not uncommon, and most people never follow up with Uber to find out if they have a chance to fight it. The best thing to do is contact Uber support and find out if you can fight this and overturn the decision. Uber support is constantly swamped with emails, and waiting will most likely drive you crazy but is the only thing you can do if you want to be an Uber driver bad enough.

so we hope we answered your question on how long does Uber take for a background check, and make sure to signup to become an Uber driver if interested!





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