Do Uber drivers take cash

Do Uber drivers take cash? do Uber drivers take cash

Uber designed its rideshare platform to be an entirely cashless experience, but one of the most frequent questions drivers get asked is “do Uber drivers take cash?”.

Uber drivers will only be able to take cash for tips in most cities, but there are a few that offer cash trips. Uber does not give an option to pay cash or leave cash tips, it is something you just will need to ask your Uber driver if they are ok with it.

When your Uber ride has completed your payment method you selected earlier will be automatically charged. At this point, you can tip by using the Uber app, cash, or by going to If you are in the few selected cities that give the option to pay with cash you will see this upon the completion of your trip.

How do cash trips work on the Uber app

  • You will accept and take the trip as normal
  • Upon completion of the trip, it will prompt you to pay cash (the exact amount is preferred)

Uber decided to roll this option out due to the amount of business they were losing out on




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